About Andrew Skarupa

Andrew Skarupa - Leading the Innovative Technology Company RealDAndrew (Drew) Skarupa is a longtime entrepreneur who has built the technology firm RealD from a Series A startup to IPO over the past 10 years. Since February 2015, Andrew Skarupa has facilitated a sale process of the New York Stock Exchange-listed company to Rizvi Traverse. Once the Securities and Exchange Commission approves the recently filed proxy, RealD will seek shareholder approval. If shareholder approval is obtained , the acquisition will close in early 2016, and RealD will be taken private again.

Drew Skarupa’s past leadership experience includes a position as chief financial officer with Alliant Protection Services, Inc., in Los Angeles. He oversaw the full range of accounting, legal, and financial activities within a rapidly expanding company. He guided Series A equity rounds that raised nearly $14.5 million and secured $13 million in senior debt. Engaging closely with lending parties and investors, he worked to build a top-level administrative infrastructure that encompassed advanced financial applications.

While working with Pasadena-based idealab!, Andrew Skarupa gained early experience in corporate infrastructure building, financial planning and analysis, and venture capital experience.


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